A Clockwork Orange

What do you call the XXX version of a Clockwork Orange?

A Clockwork Orange

Bad Jokes aside, gee wiz has it been awhile since I’ve done a review. That one reader in the past 48 hours is probably thinking “Boy not again”.

Yes, Again.

A Clockwork Orange.

I adore Kubrick.

Dr. Strangelove and Full Metal Jacket. Oh, and Paths of Glory. And the Killing AND THE SHINING.

That left one major one, A Clockwork Orange.

First thing is the films very open portrait of rape. This is going to sound awkwardly sexual, but I enjoyed the dark tone the film had at this point countered by the cuckoo music. Wait, that didn’t sound that sexual at all. Oh well..


Far from his best.

Anyway, the whole think felt really dated and cheap (Which it is)

The whole style of the film really didn’t do it for me. It seemed cheesy at points. The same effect could really of been pulled of without the occasional character having blue hair, which now kind of happens a lot but still.

The story was good. Lots of political and social satire. Four words thrown around a lot these days to thinks that really don’t deserve them (Hunger games….) but a Clockwork Orange kind of fits. Kind of.

A lot of praise generated from the character Arc of Alex. He went from a murderer to a nice guy that you’d bring home to your parents. So many praised this transition. I didn’t feel it that much. It was very direct. Granted that went completely with the story OH SO HOW IS THAT BAD well maybe the story was just not that good.

As for the nudity and violence thing, there was really no graphic violence and who doesn’t like a little nippy nippy now and then? Other than Sara Palin