The Good, The Bad and this Review

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

“You see in this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig.”

Tuco digs, I review.

So review away!

Now that the unbearable built up is finally over, let’s get to it.

There is a lot of praise circulating earth land in regards to this movie, the cool western thriller starring none other than the infamous Clint Eastwood. And Clint is indeed infamous. He plays his character “Blondie” in such a way that makes you just like the guy.

Generally speaking, I don’t think the movie watcher is supposed to like Tuco. I mean the guy is a dirty rat. As much as he calls Blondie a dirty rat, he himself is indeed a dirty rat. But I just said that, so why am I repeating it? That dictates the quality of this blog.

Tuco has the most screen time out of the three (Tuco, Blondie and Angle Eyes) and Eli Wallach plays him perfectly. Despite the fact that he tried to kill Blondie and essentially tortured him through a horrific desert march in the heat, I still like the guy.

I really cannot review this movie without mentioning the opening them. It’s really good. I don’t know why I had to say that, I just did.

Continuing with Tuco, he isn’t a likeable character, but he was at the same time. What? How is that even possible? Blondie and Tuco sort of become this odd couple, and due to the brilliant plot of each knowing a piece of significant info as to where the 200 thousand dollars is, they are forced to extend their partnership beyond simply cheating damn sheriffs out of bounty money.  This made me like them the most and like ‘The bad’ the least.

So the ending was great. A three way standoff ending with a blank rock. Afterwards I felt the need to play cowboy, which of course I did not do because I am a grown man. So after an unexplained absence from my computer I returned and Googled some facts about the film. Surprisingly enough, people weren’t too pleased with it when it came out.  Most cited excessive violence as their reasoning. This was an audience un-introduced to Django Unchained. I would really love to hear what they would have thought about that one.

But of course, there are negatives. The film is really long. Of course I did have the extended version but still. Some might argue that this isn’t a negative and I’d agree. There is NO issue with length as long as the movie doesn’t get boring. This movie did get a little slow at times and that is a negative. In case anyone was wondering, this movie has a tone of voice over done in the English version, so that is why lips and speech seldom match up.

Anyway, leeeeeeeeeeets Rate er’

+Quality Characters

+Great plot

+Tuco the terrific



Solidly magnificent cinema AND Mr. Davis’ favorite film.