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Shower with Me?




The Jackie Robinson story,

A story of courage, of hope, of racism


I just want to start out by clearing something up here. Chadwick Boseman was great, Harrison Ford was great. That part was good. But conceptually, an issue exists with this movie that really takes away from it.

                But we will get to that. Or I will get to that. Someone will get to that. Maybe.

Positive wise like I previously mentioned that acting was fantastic. At its core the story is one that needs to be told. I liked the connection that arises in between Jackie and his fellow ball players. That is cool. It essentially makes everyone into a villain, until they say their own banter about racism. Then you realise, hey he is actually a good guy.

                And the movie uses this to its advantage, as it should.  Powerful scenes exist throughout the film, like one where Jackie Robinson and Pee-Wee Reese pat each other on the back well an angry racist audience watches from their seats.  Or another were Jackie and his wife walk down the street and are approached by a white construction worker, who praises Jackie for what he is doing. That scene was powerful. Powerful scenes exist throughout.

                And the negatives. And there is really only one. And there is no answer. And I am typing ‘and’ a lot here.

                The film portrays racism in a pg-13 way that appeals to all. Well, maybe not.

                It is so watered down throughout most of the film that when it does arise it feels too contrived. Like something that just happened occasionally, when that was not the case. But if the film does accurately portray racism it gets stamped with an “R” rating and tons of baseball boys’ don’t get to see it. Or they do, because when has a rating ever really stopped someone from getting into a movie.

                So it is not what the film shows so much as it is what the film does not show.




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