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Mein Fuhrer!

There’s kind of a trend developing here and it’s about Stanley Kubrick 



Look we just did one a Clockwork Orange and now we’re doing another one about another Stanley Kubrick Film! 

So two in a row isn’t really a trend but whose gonna really care because of this



Yep, we’re really popular here. There’s another trend, basing ourselves in our reviews











So yeah we kind of like to bash ourselves, and anyone that is reading this is probably really annoyed with it right now but for some reason we aren’t going to stop.




Dr. Strangelove seems to me that it would be much more well received if the threat of nuclear annihilation was still present in today’s society but other then that it is a really good film. It’s shot really well. I like Kubrick’s shot of quickly zooming in on the buttons pressed on the airplane, or the low angle shots he used on guys like General Jack Ripper.


I’m just going to grade it now because I am dired. Which isn’t a word but I typed it then thought it could be some combination of “dead” and “Tired” so there you go. Anyway, I’m getting increasingly less and less detailed as these reviews go on.



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