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I took a day off

So, we are bottoming out at a solid five views. If anyone ever reads this post, I’ll be surprised.

I took a day off, so it seemed fitting that the next movie be Ferris Bueller’s day off.

I truly enjoyed it. John Hughes continues to amaze me. The movie world is full of violence and gore, and John Hughes’ movies are full of feels and high school kids.

Ferris is no exception.

Matthew Broderick is a little off at times but his disputable charm really makes up for it. Matthew Broderick stole the show, but his friend Cameron (Played by Alan Ruck) was great too. It was just plain fun. The final scene, with Ferris racing to get back to his house in time was beautiful, it was all great.

But there is always negatives.

Matthew Broderick, as I previously mentioned seemed a little off at points. Moreover, the comedy element was hardly there, then again the Ducking Academy seldom laughs.

Overall, solid flick,

+Matthew Cuterick

+John Hughes’ style

+Ending scene

-Matthew is a bit off

-Comedy is so-so



2 responses to “I took a day off

  1. I feel ya about losing views. Are you affected by Google Image’s changes as well? Either way, you gained a new follower. Hopefully we can help each other!

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