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The whole “Tweet post” was kind of blocking the feed, so I decided to do a quick review about a movie.

“Which one?” I pondered.

Then “Stuck in the middle with you” came on. How that song does not make one think of Mr. Blonde cutting Marvin Nash’s ear off? If they haven’t seen Reservoir Dogs, I get it. If they have, they know what I mean.

Reservoir Dogs was famed film maker Quentin Tarantino’s first feature length film. It starts in a Tarantino way, using great dialogue and intelligence to make me rethink two things:

1)      What “Like a Virgin” is about (Is it really a Metaphor for dicks?)

2)      Should I tip waitress?

So after the first scene it cuts to the great Harvey Keitel playing ‘Mr. White’, speeding down a street in his car. ‘Mr. Orange’ is in the backseat, bleeding his guts out, played by Tim Roth. All the robbers in the film being assigned clue like names was really cool, especially the dialogue revolving around one character having to be called Mr. Pink.

“Why do I have to be Mr. Pink?”

“Cause you’re a faggot okay?”

Gold Jerry, Gold.

That leads me into the belle of the ball, Steve Buscemi playing the aforementioned Mr. Pink. Buscemi was brilliant, no other way to put it. So was Keitel. The rest of the cast was good, no doubt, but there is one more that sticks out.

Mr. Blonde.

Eiek! Him dancing back and forth to “Stuck in the middle with you” then cutting Marvin Nash’s ear off was brilliant. No other song could have worked as good in that situation.

I could mention one million different positives about the movie, but we need to cover negatives. To me, there is two really big ones.

The First is Mr. Orange’s back story. It was okay, but I thought it kind of took away from the story. This really isn’t that much of an issue, I just thought it was a little, slow, for such a thrilling film. But what do I know?

The second pertains to some accusations that apparently have some merit. Some folks’ claim that Tarantino stole his ideas from other movies, primarily two films.  I really can’t comment specifically on this fact due to not seeing those two films, but I’ve read from multiple people that he took a significant amount of content from these films. Didn’t I say I wouldn’t comment on it then comment on it? Ah, whatever.

So, Leeeeeeeeeeeets rate it’

+Great Characters

+Great Steve Buscemi

+Ear cutting off scene

+ Cool Names

+Making me rethink things through dialogue about what people experience well having intercourse

-Orange backstory

-Is it a cut & Past Job?



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